The Athlete Community Link Story

Of mates, riding bikes; with the desire to change way athletes and their communities interact, and grow together

How Athlete Community Link began

Sam Dakin and Callum Saunders are both current members of New Zealand's National High Performance Track Cycling Team and founded Athlete Community Link in November 2020

Sam and Callum first crossed paths in 2014 at a sunny Manukau Velodrome moments before they were going to line up to butt heads in the weekly Friday night racing. What they didn't quite realise is that from there we would become great mates, who would travel the world together, move up the ranks together in the Regional Program, into the National team and see one and other achieve the world's loftiest goals. It only felt fitting that this idea and this business was to be. 

Sam and Callum both faced the same issue time and time again as we came through the cycling ranks - how do we find a job to fit around our training without compromising on the very thing we are trying to achieve. 2020 came about and as we all know, turned the world on its head. So with more time at home and not much to do we started brain storming how we would solve this issue and ensure athletes didn't have to face the same struggle we did. As they say some of the best ideas are only a look in the mirror away. Just like that, Athlete Community Link was born. A platform bridging the gap between athletes and the community. Opening up an entirely untapped work force to businesses at a few clicks of a button and offering athletes the opportunity to compromise on nothing that doesn't benefit their sport.


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