25th May 2021

Our very own co-founder Sam Dakin, while being selected as a member of the New Zealand Olympic Cycling Team, has decided to use his platform to speak on some of the mental health issues that he's encountered during his sporting journey to date, in the hope that by sharing his story, he'll be able to steer others from the at-times dark path that he walked, or provide some solidarity for those who already find themselves struggling. 

In a recent interview on Radio New Zealand, Sam spoke candidly on his struggles, proving that the stoic, masculine athletic archetype we're grown to believe all athletes must fall into, is seldom representative of all thats going on behind the performances most of the public witness. 

We here at ACL are incredibly proud of Sams journey, not only in his sporting endeavours, but in his efforts to pave a better future for those following him. For more on Sams story, head along to our Mental Wellbeing in Sport tab, and listen to the short interview above. 

The Athlete Community Link Team

8th May 2021

RAG Podcast w/ Jonathan Keen - Flexible Recruitment Business Models

Recruitment wasn't an industry either of us were familiar with when we first conceived the idea of ACL, so historical, and more contemporary research has been an important step in educating the shape ACL has taken as its grown and developed. 

The RAG Podcast interviews various players from within the global recruitment industry, and discusses their take on where the industry is, and where its headed moving forward - a discussion made all the more interesting given the current job market we find ourselves in amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Listen/ Watch this podcast at any of the following links:

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The Athlete Community Link Team

4th January 2021

The ACL Story . . . . To Date

To begin - some background. ACL was first conceived as an idea following a conversation between ourselves, and our coach, who had noted a sense of disconnect between Athletes in New Zealand, and the communities they live and train within. Also citing pathways into future professional development as being struggles we'd each experienced during our careers, forming a recruitment company which paired motivated, skilled athletes, with roles they were interested in, and would contribute well within, was the logical next step. 

So, in November of 2020, Athlete Community Link was officially registered, and we launched this site. Shortly after, we were fortunate enough to have our story get some media coverage through a One News story at the beginning of December, which got some momentum behind athlete sign-ups, and some good public exposure. Our next step, while our athlete workforce continues to grow, is to begin to link in with interested companies we think could help us bridge the gap between athlete, and community. 

Until then, be sure to stay tuned for any future updates or announcement via this blog, or our various social media channels @athletecommunitylink. 

Take care, and happy 2021!

The Athlete Community Link Team


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