What is tales of the top two inches?

Tales of the top two inches is a discussion series about mental health in High Performance Sport. It is a series of events in which there is a series of guests from all areas of the HP sport sphere. They take time to share their mental health stories and struggles in the scope of sport and allow the audience to interact with questions to help normalise the conversation.

The first event in December 2020 was a huge success with over 60 people attending in person and another 1000 people reached via the live facebook video (the audio will be better for the next!). It was a monumental morning in which there was a true shift in conversation around the idea of mental health. The event really allowed a massive step forward towards helping solve this crisis.

Sam, Callum and former HPSNZ Psychologist turned dairy farmer David Galbraith have an ambition and a passion to change the conversation around mental health in High Performance sport not only in New Zealand but around the world. It is a very real crisis we are facing at the moment around mental health and it is critical to people's wellbeing that we change this. We need to face this crisis head on.

These men truly believe that through this avenue they will be able to do that. Follow this page and social channels to stay up to date on when the next event will take place.

Questions? Get in touch via social media and someone will be more than happy to help

If you need urgent help or someone to talk there is information below:

: 0800 111 757
: 0800 543 354

Call or text 1737
: 0800 726 666
: 0800 376 633 or text 234


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